Sunday, October 14, 2012


I haven't written as much this year, sorry. It's not because everything is so familiar, that's for sure! Only the airport and the hotel gave me that sense of comfort that comes from familiarity. Now it's time to say goodbye.
Goodbye to Walter, who has been one of the most amazing translators that I have seen. A man who loves people and especially children with a passion that is almost enviable. Goodbye to Poblito's family (not sure on spelling), his wife Rosita, sons; Wilbur and Charlie. A family that has been through so much, yet they are able to hold on to the faithfulness of God as they strive to love and minister to a group of folks just outside of Victoria. Their task is daunting at best, but they keep pushing forward, knowing that their faithfulness will lead them where they need to go and to whom they need to bless. Goodbye to pastor Ricardo and his lovely family. It would be so easy to become overwhelmed with the need, yet they constantly praise God for his faithfulness and continue to trust Him for everything. It's humbling to see that their church has sent a family from among themselves to Canada, to be missionaries! That reality check hurts.
Goodbye to Maria, my new sister in Christ who decided that God is real and that He has a plan for her beautiful life.
Goodbye to Tancho who wore the look of hope and appreciation everyday that we had the pleasure to see him and work with him. His pride and resourcefulness was clearly evident as he showed us his garden and his fish pond. His son Gabriela will be just like his dad some day!
Goodbye to one of the most beautiful, yet at times, the most treacherous commutes to work I've ever had! Everyday it was different as the clouds formed on top of the mountains and broke apart to reveal the glorious blue sky!
Goodbye to the children at the orphanage who climbed into our laps just hoping for a few moments of love. Goodbye to skin conditions and coughs and fevers that have been caused by a direct correlation to the types of living conditions in which people live.
Goodbye to armed guards at grocery stores and gas stations.
Goodbye to crazy bus drivers who like to take curves at excessive speeds and think that missing a pedestrian or cyclist by mere centimetres is a testament to their skillfulness!
Goodbye to a most beautiful blue sky as we acted silly while chasing the waves most of the day.
Goodbye to another most amazing week of being given the opportunity to partner with God as He gave  us another glimpse of what is truly on His heart and showed us how we could play a small part in His vision for the people of El Salvador.
Hasta luego amigos,

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