Monday, April 7, 2014

Scared but Fearless

Being scared is hearing gunshots at the work site. Being scared is leaving the work site early. Being scared is not knowing what will happen to those families.

Being fearless is Tomasita and Basillio as they risk their own safety for us to find answers. Being fearless is Carrie and Stuart as they raise four little children in a very scary country. Being fearless is the congregation of Rio Frio as they worship God. Being fearless is trusting that God has a plan.

We live in a scary world. I think that sometimes we forget that, or just push it over. But, we live in a real world, with scary real life problems. I'm not saying we shouldn't be scared. Being scared is a normal, human thing. But being fearless, being fearless is giving it all up to The One who gave it all.

As we go back to that work site tomorrow, we would so appreciate your prayer for our safety. We will be building all the houses tomorrow, minus two that are no longer being built.


P.S. There is more to this story, and we'll share it sometime soon...for now your prayer continues to be needed.


  1. I'm keeping you and your important work in prayer. Love and hugs. xoxo

  2. Aynsley, you sound ever so grown up in that post. You are wise beyond your years. Praying that the rest of the houses will go up smoothly and that God would surround you all with His protection and peace.

  3. The Hollingsworths are praying, Aynsley! Thanks for filling us in and letting us know what has been happening. We know that God is with you and that He is doing His work even in the midst of those frightening circumstances. Praying that you will remain fearless!
    Love Mrs. H.

  4. You rock my world Aynsley.
    Praying you will remember this important lesson from now until forever.


  5. Courageous girl... so proud of you. Praying for you, your dad and the team as you head into the home stretch. Love you!