Monday, December 7, 2015

Hard transition

I returned to work this morning a little tired from our journey and had a very busy and satisfing day in a job that God has given me here.  But as I reflect, even though I love the job the satisfaction cannot compare with each day we had in El Salvador where you get to work not only with our great team but with translators and builders whose lives have been changed by the love of God.  Surrounded by people who love God with almost every action having the purpose of spreading God's love always produces some of the most satisfing days I have experienced.

Some would say that going into this rugged environment is hard but the reality is that coming back to a daily environment that does not have the support of the team or the satisfaction of seeing lives changed daily is the harder transition for me make.  

Thank you for your prayers for our team!  Please don't stop just yet. 


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