Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Learning to Lead

Today was the first day of our AGM (Annual General Meeting). Most years we have a guest speaker to share in one or more of our sessions. This provides some necessary reminders, some equipping and usually a challenge that relates to the privilege of being called to lead these short-term teams. This year we invited Tyler Pelke to be our guest speaker.  As a fourteen year old he endured incredible suffering, which almost took his life and left him with 25% of his body covered in 3rd degree burns. The short version is he faced several choices over the next number of years, either to remain a victim of his past circumstances or courageously make choices in spite of those circumstances. He continually chooses the latter and that's part of the message he shares: know your purpose, be quick to forgive, adapt-ability. With the God as His helper Tyler provided an inspirational message that speaks encouragement into the often confusing world that we live in as leaders of these teams, as well as speaking hope into the lives of those among whom we serve in El Salvador. We don't have to remain a victim, we don't have to just survive, but by knowing our purpose we can actually thrive no matter what our circumstances may bring.

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