Sunday, January 1, 2017


This is a different year. We arrive in 2016. We leave in 2017. But that's not what I mean. Our team is bigger and almost half of them are youth/young adult. But that's not what I mean either. It's different because every year is different. No matter how many times we come the Lord has something new, something different to teach us. The awesome part is understanding that He can and does teach through others.

We spent part of Saturday meeting the families that will be receiving houses. There was a genuine joy and excitement on their part - maybe because it was New Years Eve, maybe because their prayer for a new home was coming to life - either way, itnleft an impression on us.

It's been a different pace, slower, as we start this weekend, but it is good to get to know our team a little better and the community a little better. It's inspiring to look to God together, and lean on Him.

Our devotion this morning was from Galatians 5, talking about "faith expressing itself in love".  What a privilege to step into the reality of that truth, together, El Salvadorians and Canadians!


  1. Thanks for the update! Sounds like the New Years in El Salvador was quite the day/night! We saw some fireworks in church this morning! Praying for you all, here's hoping you all sleep well tonight and have a great day of house building and relationship building tomorrow!

    1. Fireworks in church...sounds exciting! Thanks of reading/praying/encouraging.