Friday, January 6, 2017


I've been trying all week to think of something worth blogging about, something that will be worth your time to read. I've been staring at a blank screen for at least fifteen minutes now and it's getting late (at least to me) so here goes nothing!! My hesitance to blog isn't for lack of things to blog about, in fact, maybe it's the opposite. Too many things, too little time to describe them in a way that will accurately represent my experiences?? I'll go with that.

This week has been everything I've been hoping for since my parents started coming down eight years ago. While this is my fifth trip, this is my first one with constant activity. No sitting through meetings or doing homework this time around! I've loved being able to use the building experience I have to work alongside those who are here for their first time. There's something so special about watching everyone experience being here for the first time. It's refreshing, they notice things that perhaps I've gotten used to.

As I go through each day, whether it be picking my way through breakfast or using my limited Spanish class knowledge to make conversation, I can't help but think that this is it. This is what I am supposed to be doing. Helping the helpless. Fighting for justice. Listening to not only the stories of those we are building for, but also the locals and those we interact with each day here only solidify that. The difference that is made and shown in their lives makes it impossible to think of doing anything else (I would describe some of the stories we have heard but I will leave it for some of the other team members as they can share much better than I can. ) I look at the kids and listen as they share their dreams. Dreams that haven't been tainted by the dark and dangerous place they live. They deserve every chance to accomplish those dreams and I want to be apart of making that happen. 

I guess maybe this post isn't really about this week as much as it is about the future. I can't wait for the day where this is my career. It must be close to an hour of me trying to write now so thank you for toughing out this painful read! Maybe I'll try again another day....



  1. Aynsley, (I assume this is your post), thanks for writing! I loved reading your thoughts:). It's pretty exciting to hear that God has placed this passion in your heart ... can't wait to see where He will take you, girl.

  2. Amazing Aynsley! And it was an awesome post! Straight from your heart :) I second Steph's words, it will be really awesome to watch how God uses your passion as you continue to trust Him to lead your life!

  3. Aynsley, thank you for sharing your heart. You expressed your thoughts beautifully and powerfully. I so appreciate your tender heart towards these dear people and the vision God has given you to help. Hugs to you. Ann

  4. Reading this makes me wish I could jump on a plane and get to where you are so I could give you a gigantic hug. I love your post! Genuine, authentic thoughts from a girl who is obviously listening to God's voice in her life. Thank you for sharing. (The hug will have to wait til you're home. :)
    Love, Mrs. M. xo

  5. Love this Aynsley!! So good to hear your heart!!