Monday, October 10, 2011

Pastor Jorge & pb&j sandwiches

As many of you will know, pastor Jorge was involved in a life-threatening accident earlier this year. While much of his recovery has been miraculous, he still has a long road to travel to regain full health & strength. In fact, he just had another operation in the last few weeks, to take bone from his hip and insert it into his damaged thigh. (Yuck. I can't believe I'm writing this!) The recovery from this particular procedure is expected to take up to 3 months. The emotional toll on both himself and his wife, Maritza has also been overwhelming. While he rests and heals, he has stepped down from ministry while still living in his private family quarters behind the church. Even though he is not in the service, the sound of voices raised in song still reaches his bed whenever a service is taking place. I trust that is uplifting for him. Immediately upon arriving in San Vicente, Deve & I were asked to visit with Pastor Jorge. Gulp! Definite deep breath on my part, as I wasn't sure what to expect in terms of blood or medical machinery, etc. Deve took a little peak under the covers, but not way!! Otherwise, I managed and I'm very thankful for that!!
And as for pb&j sandwiches, they are still a miserable sight at noon every day. All damp and smushed together from the heat. Ugh! Why, oh why, do they have to be so mushy? It's a trial, I admit it. On this Thanksgiving Day, I count my many, many blessings. The sandwiches? I'm still working up to full thankfulness for those!!



  1. Thank you for the update on Pastor Jorge, we will continue to pray for his healing and for strength and patience for his family.
    Although it was nice to spend our fist Thanksgiving together as a family in 3 years, both Don and I can't stop wondering with a yearning heart to be with you where God is leading the team in El Salvador. As I ate my left-over turkey sandwich for lunch today, I honestly would rather have eaten that pb&j or as I remember "warmed over pineapple jelly sandwich". Our prayers and thoughts are with you and the team everyday you are there.
    With all of our love,
    ....the Rickards

  2. Hey mom... We are praying for you and dad. We miss you. Have a good rest of the week
    Love aynsley
    Ps fergie misses you and dad too