Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Change of Pace (almost entitled Stupid Mud)

All six houses are finished !! Praise the Lord! It rained. The sun shone. The mist descended. The mud deepened. The mud got stickier. And stickier.  My calves are still burning this morning from pulling each foot out of the suction. We were sooooo dirty. But through it all, the houses are done and each family seems truly pleased and blessed and amazed that they have received this gift from people they don't even know. Each family has expressed the idea that "they never even considered or dreamed that anything like this would happen to them".

And now today...We have preparations to make for the medical clinic this afternoon. Food to buy and prepare for tomorrow's distribution. And gift baskets to finish preparing for our key ceremony on Friday.  Hopefully, none of that will involve mud. But if it does, we are prepared to do what it takes to finish the tasks the Lord has brought us here to do.

This is an incredibly beautiful place. We are blessed to be here.  Now off to breakfast...deep sigh....not my favourite. At least I bought some Coffee-Mate, so that's something...


1 comment:

  1. AP...just think of the amazing exfoliation benefits you are enjoying right now! Your feet and calves will be so soft...really the envy of us all. ;) Enjoy the last couple of days...can't wait to hear all your stories over a GOOD cup of coffee...much love!
    PS- it was 0.9 degrees here this morning! brrrr....... :)