Thursday, October 11, 2012

X's & O's

Today I got to have a welcome interlude in the physical work of this ministry (which I love).  I got to sit down and teach some very cute and eager little Salvadoran kids how to play X's and O's.  It was fun using pictures and pointing to describe the process to one little boy.  Joan had the brilliant idea that we could demonstrate a game to him and we did.  The boy caught on quite quickly and soon, at one point, he and maybe 6-8 other kids were all huddled around me playing X's and O's - with me and with each other.  (I counted at one point, and I think there were 16 kids total at this last house). It was colourful too, because we were using crayons and they experimented with using different colour combinations. After about 45 games in a row, I had to go, but they were still having a blast amongst themselves after I left.

They reminded me of my kids.... and I wondered if many of them have often (or ever) spent that kind of relaxed fun-time with their father or other male role model.  The boys particularly, seemed to crave my attention - that is, they seemed to prefer playing the game with me far more than any of the other kids.  I'm not sure why - could be lots of reasons, I guess.  I could be wrong,  but I got the sense that this type of experience was totally new to them.   Anyway, even as I write this, it hurt a little bit to have to have left them behind. 



  1. Hey Matt,
    Did you find a way to let them win that wasn't obvious?
    I am thinking of the clinic today and can't help thinking of Paul on the isle of Malta and his experience with Publius: I pray that opportunity to give the gospel will occur because of God's healing and the skills that He has provided. I have a feeling that everyone will be amazed today.

  2. Was it that obvious? :) I only had to let them win a few times, i think - they actually caught me off guard a few times and beat me! Lots of fun! I am looking forward to the clinic today, too.