Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I love the children but still I don't love the roads!

Again so much has happened since I last wrote and I can only write a little before the battery dies. I can't express enough how much I love to be surrounded by these beautiful children and doing art with them. This is my first mission trip and people who have done this kind of thing before have told me over and over that you get way more back than you ever give. This is so true and it's one of those things that you have to experience yourself rather than have someone explain it. I know exactly why Jesus said,"Don't send the children away, but let them to come to me". So that's what I want to do too.
Most of them draw a picture and then they want me to have it, even though I tell them in my broken Spanish that they can keep it for themselves. Some even wrote at the top in Spanish, "Esto es para ti, Yohanna Demi Parati", which our translator said means, This is for you, Joanna, From my heart to yours. See what I mean about getting more than you give? The families are so generous as well, they have offered us their chairs to sit on and rest, their home for shelter when it starts to rain, their food from their garden and their tables and they are constantly smiling and trying to communicate their love to us in Spanish or broken English. It's unbelievable how little they have and yet they have all their extended family around and they laugh and play musical instruments and help each other with hard, hard work in the rain and mud, climbing over steep rocky mountain paths to get to each other's homes.
And then there's the roads! I'm getting braver each time and I make each trip knowing that it's the only way to get to the children! I love the children.
Ciara is well and we thank each of you for your prayers for our safety. Thanks Angela for your comments. I'm very proud of her as well.


  1. Joan you are so great with children! It's no wonder they love you! I'm so glad you can be there to show God's love to them. :) -T

  2. "How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring GOOD NEWS...peace..glad tidings..salvation" Mum.

  3. I knew how much you'd love being around the children, and I can just imagine the scenery you must be viewing and getting lots of inspiration for some more wonderful artwork! Looking forward to hearing all about it from both you and Ciara!! Loads of love <3

  4. Thank you guys for taking the time to comment. It's so encouraging, you wouldn't believe, and it makes the distance seem not so great. Stacy you would love it here to. I got your emails btw and thanks. Ciara is really at home with the people here. You see when we are building a house there are children peeking out from everywhere and lots and lots of family members EVERYWHERE who are waiting and watching for the new house to be erected. Ciara says she would love to live like that, but I mentioned to her that that may have it's down side too!!!!! Today she learned from the ladies how to cook a tortilla and then Mama offered it to her. She had to try a wee piece and then carefully give it to the translator so as not to offend them. Then when we had to leave for the day, the Gramma gave her a big, tight squeeze ( which Ciara normally pulls back from ) and a kiss on the cheek and she didn't even mind! She thought the Gramma was so sad to see her go, but Ciara told her "manyana" which means "see you tomorrow", and Gramma was smiling from ear to ear. Tomorrow we have the key giving ceremony and the medical clinic and then we leave for the orphanage visit. More beautiful children - Yay! Really!! I'm not sure if I can switch my brain over to being a doctor again, but I'll certainly do my best. Stacy you will need to be here by 1:00 tomorrow for work !!!!! LOL . Love you guys so much, Joan

  5. You better be able to switch back over to Doctor mode!! haha, 1:00 you say? Well, I do have your business card.... HAHA JK! Missing you lots, and counting the days till your home :)