Sunday, October 7, 2012

Safe arrival in El Salvador.

We have safely arrived in El Salvador. The flight was smooth and we could see clearly from the airplane the lush green patchwork of fields and we even had a view of a beautiful rainbow from the top of the rainbow!!! We went through Customs and Immigration so smoothly although I had been prepared for difficulty. We got all our medical supplies and donations through without a hitch. The first thing I noticed was the heat and not being able to read the signs. Need to learn Spanish!
The first night we stayed in a nice hotel and I felt guilty because we
stayed in a beautiful hotel with a wonderful bed in preparation for our move to the remote hills of El Salvador today. I'm so excited because I just found out that we are going to be able to have a medical clinic in the village where the people are so poor they cannot even afford a Tylenol for pain and they cannot afford to travel to a doctor or a hospital. There was enough support raised to buy 2 medical kits with $2500.00 worth of medical supplies.
Everyone is packing up now to move to the town of Victoria after we attend a church service in San Salvador which is a city like Sarnia or London, and they are waiting on me so I must go.


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  1. ...sound pretty excited there, J....god bless everyone's efforts to HIS glory ...M.