Sunday, October 7, 2012


We have just returned from seeing three of the sites where we will be building!  The ride on the back of the truck was very scary to say the least.  Because it is raining the ride was even more eventful.  Our driver Wilbur is an amazing young fellow.   He is the son of the pastor in whose home we are staying.  I prayed all the way there that the Lord would spare us and He is true to His promises.  He will guard us and send his angels to take charge over us!!!!  The "walk" up to the sites was VERY tricky!!

Not only was it steep and rocky, but the rain made it very slippery as well. Oh did I forget to mention that it was dark on the way down??  Plus the fact that I was wearing my flip flops did not help the situation any.  We have very able bodied men who helped us every step of the way.  Thank you Golan, Matt, Deve and Pim!!  We met the families and were so blessed to have had a time of prayer with them.  When we see what they were living in and the size of their families, it makes us realize just how blessed we are.

We met Pastor Ricardo last night and he made it so clear to us that teams of people are such a blessing to the people of El Salvador.  He told us that we are providing a blessing to the people which then points them in the direction of God. One old gentleman  said that after 21 years of hearing about Jesus, today he had actually seen Him!!!  We are labouring for the Lord we can't forget that.  It is hard to describe we have already all seen today.

The Church service this morning was amazing.  We had translators sit behind us who helped us to understand what the Pastor was preaching on.  We were also blessed to be able to have communion with fellow believers.  Wow, you would not believe the roller coaster ride we have been on today.  I am not ashamed to admit that I have been scared beyond belief, and I just have to keep reminding myself to "Do it afraid!!"  You'll appreciate that comment Ann B.
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  1. Wow! What a day! What a blessing to read about the impact that showing Jesus' love in such a tangible way has on people! Can't wait to hear more in the days to come....lots of prayers being sent your way -T