Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Go Diego Go!

It seems that at every site, there's at least one young man that has a certain spark.  Today there was a young man (17 years old), who was showing interest in what we were doing as Nick and I were doing some assembly work on a house-part. 

We encouraged him to take hold of the power tin-snips we were using and give them a try but he shyly refused - but stayed to help us with holding materials that needed holding.  Later on, as it came time to put the roof together on the house, I found Diego and encouraged him (with the help of a translator) to take part with me up on the roof using an impact-drill to put the roof together.  With the help of our translator (Gustavo) up on the roof, Diego was soon in a rhythm and working away with confidence and pride in his work and I was able to step back and let him finish the job. It was great!

Nick and I made a point to find Diego again when we were done there today, and with Gustavo's help, we let him know that we appreciated his great help, are proud of the work he had done, and his willingness to try something new.  His Dad beamed with pride as he watched his son become one of our team like that. 

Please pray with us that the Lord will continue a work in Diego's life and draw him close to Himself and build him up into a Godly leader in his community. 

Go Diego Go! (I know, it's lame - but the song is playing in my head!)


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