Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Just a quick prayer request

Hello!  Just a quick note because we are heading out very soon:  We are heading out to a church service and Jay and Albert will be sharing some of their personal stories about the wonderful reality of Christ in their lives. 

I just know that God has a special plan in place for this and has just the right people (or person) gathered to hear just what is going to be said.  Even though I may never get to see the rest of the story unfold in lives here after we leave - I am excited!  Let's pray that Jay and Albert will be excited and at peace as we all commit this into God's hands. 


1 comment:

  1. Praying for you guys as you share. It's certainly not an easy thing to be open about sometimes hard things. Praying you have peace as you share and that your willingness to share touches lives, and that others will come to know our Saviour Jesus as a result....and be able to know His peace when life is hard. Proud of you both!