Sunday, December 8, 2013

It's just one week

It has been just one week. That's all. 7 days out of a calendar year. A small measure. Some might even say insignificant in comparison to the passing of time.

Our team might have another view of what a difference 7 days can be.
Tonight we had our last team debrief, sharing answers to the question: "What is one thing you are hoping to take home from your experience here?"

There were some excellent responses to that question. Ask us sometime.

We ended where we began, by reading Philippians 2. It's a reminder of our attitude - to think like Jesus Christ, and our actions - to humbly serve others like Jesus Christ, because God's ultimate desire is that every person would worship Him.

Over these last seven days, we had the privilege of understanding those truths in new ways and in deeper ways.

Thanks to the many who have shown interest in our trip, supported it through prayer, donations, encouragement and finances.

Thanks especially to our church family, the SEMC, you're partnership and passion for engaging the world-wide mission of God, continues to be a significant strength to us.

These have been 7 extraordinary days!

Lord willing, we'll see you soon.


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