Sunday, December 8, 2013


Well, we're boarding in under 5 minutes to go back to Canada…so I guess I should complete a blog post while we're still in El Salvador!

Feeling sad to leave, but happy to return to my family.  (Miss you)  I don't have any amazing parting thoughts, perhaps that's why I left my blog post till the last minute.  I just know that we got to see the power of God's love shine into both my life (and the team) as well as the El Salvadorians here.

I think the most emotional moment for me was leaving Basilio's house the other day.  The relationship that our team has built with him over the years has really translated into a love for one another, and God's plan for houses to be built and the sharing of Jesus to El Salvador.

Talk to me about the trip when I get home…too many words to try and put in a blog.  I promise to talk more than usual!


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