Tuesday, December 3, 2013

It's Not About the Houses

"We" built four houses yesterday, with time to spare before dark - seems like an amazing feat! Wow!  I have been hearing from various sources that there was a team from Calgary here last week that built nearly 8 houses in one day - double wow!....Anyway, I think that if our team did not lift a single tool, the four houses could in fact still have been built by the very capable experts that are here. Hmmm...kind of begs the question then.. "Why are we here?"....and for me..."Why am I here?" I asked myself that question quite pointedly after I failed miserably at offering any substantial assistance putting together a roof yesterday...well I am still not sure exactly what the answer is, and may never be privy to the answer during my time on this Earth, but I know that it's not about the houses and that God has a wonderful and unique chosen purpose for each of us here - and that is so much more amazing than building any number of houses - and it gives me amazing peace, joy, and satisfaction...I am going to be late for breakfast so I have to run!  Thank you for your continued prayers!


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