Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Life in El Salvador

Well I can say that after a few days in El Salvador I have been truly humbled, this is great because I believe this is something had been placing on my heart. The people in the village that we are building with have so much talent, the heat does not seem to faze them and they are able to work effectively at fast pace.

Seeing how people can maximize so much with so little is amazing. It is difficult seeing the poverty on that they live with, but the smiles on their faces and their sincerity of their actions has already had a profound impact on me. It was something that I needed to see to truly get an appreciation of how others in the world live and I know that I am blessed to be able to experience this.

I always knew that we are equal, we are all sinners that Jesus had died for. Now that I have met these wonderful people in El Salvador, I will always have these images and experiences to draw back on. My prayer, and I ask that others also pray for is that God continues to have a noticeable presence in this community, that the work that we are doing and the work that the permanent missionaries continue to do after we are gone allows many more people here to give their lives to Jesus.

I am still getting used to the food here, but if that is my biggest worry I can deal with that…...

Thanks for the prayers and this wonderful opportunity.


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  1. Thanks for sharing Scott - it's great to have a glimpse into our team's experiences. Continuing to pray.