Thursday, December 4, 2014

Some thoughts...

As we have handed the keys to each family today for their new homes, I was listening to their kind words of appreciation. I also heard them speak of their new homes as answers to long-held prayers for God to rescue them. And of this tangible recognition that God had not forgotten them. It was humbling and inspiring to play a small part in all of that.

But as awesome as this has been for these families, I can't help but think of all those other families in these tiny mountain communities that did not receive homes this week. What does their faith look like tonight? Do they believe that God HAS forgotten them? Do the nights spent pleading with God to bring relief and hope to them ring hollow? Will they find the strength to believe even if their earthly circumstances don't ever change?

I am personally challenged by this as I think of my own dark nights pleading with God for change or rescue. Can I be content if He chooses never to change my circumstance? Will I trust Him anyway?Can I learn to be content in all things?

These are tough questions that all of us wrestle with. My hope and prayer for the families in the mountains around Rio Frio is that they will hold tight to their faith and trust their God no matter what the future holds. I pray that for all of us.



  1. Such a thoughtful woman. Yes these are some of the major questions many of us ponder. Your husband is blessed by you.

  2. Appreciate your thoughts Amanda. Believing God has not abandoned us even when circumstances are not what we hoped for...that is hard and requires Trust in a Almighty God who loves us... a little dose of contentment is going a long way too. Heard on the radio this week, "the more grateful/thankful we are, the more content." Again based on your blog and Josh's I am reminded to "be thankful in all things"...while waiting.

  3. So true Amanda. I'll be praying for those other families too.

  4. We struggled with these same thoughts in South Africa. A good reminder to keep all of these people in the forefront of our minds and pray without ceasing! Thanks for sharing this, AP.