Thursday, December 4, 2014


I'm blogging early this year!  Sorry it's taken me so long.  Apparently, all I need is several cups of Pepsi to finally transfer some thoughts to the blog!

Here's some of my thoughts after finishing the 10 houses this week:
- The incredible views and beautiful scenery in this country will never get old. God's creation here is breathtaking.
- Although the truck rides have been hard, trekking through the mountains of El Salvador with tools has been awesome.  We've been fully spent at the end of each day, but does it ever feel good to "labour for The Lord".
- During our hike to the last house today, I was following a 65 year old man who lives in one of the first houses we built this week, at the peak of the mountain.  He was incredibly spry.  The resiliency of these people is amazing, this man in particular stood out to me today.
- Similar to last year, I feel like this trip reminds me how important it is to be a good father and husband.  It's tough to hear the struggles of all the fatherless/husbandless families.  We know this isn't just a problem for the poor in El Salvador.  I was struggling this week; just craving for a story of a family this week that could provide an example of a dedicated father, breaking what seems to be the norm these days.  Tonight Stan told us about one of the men that we've been working alongside this week.  He has taken on the role of father and husband and provider for a widowed mother and her three daughters.  What a blessing it was to hear this story!  We pray that he can become an example to others of a Godly man, a leader in his community.
- I have to admit, I have really enjoyed the fact that we are working in a rural area.  Most of the families we have talked to rent and farm 1 hectare plots of land, producing corn, beans, and sorghum.  (And we've seen plenty of pigs, chickens, cows, and horses roaming the hills!)
- I've really enjoyed getting to know all of our team better through the week.  I enjoy all the late night conversations we get to have, working through this experience with them, having a unique discussions on furthering God's work here in El Salvador.

I hope I've been coherent enough tonight to make some sense!  Time to sleep!



  1. Oh, that Pepsi! Thanks for sharing your experiences, Albie! We love reading about all those good things happening over there! God's blessings to everyone!!

  2. Thanks for sharing your heart, Albert. So exciting to hear of the good and the difficult.

  3. Love your thoughts Albert! Thank you for continuing to be that great example of a loving and caring husband and father to us. Thank you for being there to give these families homes where they can be safe and know that God is their loving and caring Father. :)