Monday, November 30, 2015

Lead by God

I believe that often as we go through life we do not really see how God is leading our paths and often do jot see the impact our choices have on both ourselves and others. Today was not one of those days for me as it became very clear to me how God has used us to impact this community and specifically one of his workers here.  
Last year a small team of 11 from SEMC were called for our El Salvador mission trip and lead that team to the remotest communities Shelter has been able to reach.  That trip was very demanding especially physically as there were long drives, steep hills, and long paths involved in most of the homes. This lead Pastor Deve to ask that 2014 team last January if we would consider returning to this same area again or should we will consider other alternatives (we have always changed location in the past). Again I believe that God lead that team to have the faith to say they would return.  Today God was glorified and hope grew throughout due to that God lead decision.  I am not sure that I can express the joy I felt from Pastor Pastor and the communities.  Unknown me was the concern that had entered this community that our 2014 trip had been too hard and that no one would ever want to return again.  The impact of our return was very tangible as I felt the joy in the Pastor and the community knowing they serve a God we're all things are possible and God was praised with the knowledge that only people lead by the Love of God would return. 

It thrilled me to see the joy this small act could bring and I believe God truly was leading our 2014 team back in Jan as we indicated our willingness to return. Now I am looking forward to seeing how he will use use throughout this week. 



  1. Pat, your reflections and joy are infectious; thanks.

  2. I am so glad that you are back in that community again. I'm so glad that the community can continue to see God's love in such a tangible way and know that He loves them. Thanks for sharing Pat!

  3. It's wonderful to hear this report! Praising God for the way He is directing. We are praying for you all!