Sunday, November 29, 2015

One day, one year ago

One day, one year ago I sat with a family and they shared their story with me, a stranger.  I felt a special connection with the youngest daughter in that family.  When our team decided to come back to build in the same area again this year I hoped that I would get to see that girl once more though I knew I may not.  However, after church this afternoon I happened to see her through the crowd and she recognized me instantly!  We hugged, she brought me to see her family and we got to chat for a little while.  Crazy that a relationship can be built in one afternoon and remembered for a year! That's why it's not about building houses. It's about building relationships and hearing people's stories.


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  1. That's wonderful that you could connect again!! How special of God to arrange that meeting for you both. Thanks for sharing. Ann