Thursday, December 3, 2015

December 3

This week has been an eye opener for me for sure. Coming into the trip i was not expecting some of the conditions these people live through every day. People told me about how it was but nobody can truly explain how rough they   actually have it! For me personally I am the kind of guy that would give someone my things if they needed it more then I do but we were told not to and it took me a while to understand why, it would totally throw them out of whack to get a bunch of nice things or a hand full of pocket change. 

For me I really love playing with the kids! Its hard because of the language barrier but it is super cool that we can get past that and have tons of fun! I want to scoop them all up and take them home! 

We definitely aren't just here to build houses and I definitely realize that now! 


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  1. Dawson, I can just imagine how much fun you had with those kids! I love that you love them like that. I'm so very proud of you, son! Finish strong. Take it all in and listen intently for what God is communicating to you through all you see, hear, and do. Love you!
    ~mum xo