Thursday, December 3, 2015

Welcome back Hosea

Two days ago as we made a brief stop to drop of tools at the community we were to build at the next day I saw a familiar face.  Hosea was a young man who's family had received a home last year and who had been a great worker on all the homes built last year.  When he saw us his great smile lit up his face.  I wondered if he would be helping us build this year but assumed that since he would be farming and his family was not receiving a home that he would likely not be available.  

But Yesterday even though not required he was there. We talked a little as we dug the holes but as soon as that was done he found a translator to say to me "I want a impact driver". Again the huge smile lit up his face as he took the tool and rushed to start building scaling the house like a monkey. He continue this pace right to the end even searching for extra work to do before reluctantly giving up the tool.  The impact we had on the man last year was clearly evident.  I imagine waiting an entire year for dreaming of when you can have the opportunity to use a skill that you believe is God given and that you enjoy. 

I hope I see Hosea again today even though we have moved to another community. 


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  1. That's really awesome! I love that he wanted to help others get a house even though he already had his! It really shows his heart. Thanks for sharing Pat!