Saturday, December 2, 2017

Everyone Likes A Good Horse Story....Right?

On Wednesday we had our last interview for the week. We were introduced to Juan and Vilma. A couple that had three girls and another on the way. Juan was orphaned at two years of age. His parents were killed by the gangs. He didn't share details of  how his life was growing up, except that it was very difficult. He wanted to share with us that he was a very hard worker and he worked very hard to care for his wife and girls.  He wakes up at three in the morning and milks 56 cows by hand every day. He was wanting to make sure he had enough money to care for his growing family so he got another job farming. Juan also wanted us to know about his hobby. He loved to ride and train horses. He owned five, each one had been named. He wanted to make sure we knew that he treated them kindly, also that a horse could be your companion. I was a little excited to hear this, I didn't expect to hear that someone here in El Salvador had the same horse philosophy as me. It seems to me that from observation over the years, animals here are either a source of income, a useful tool or just a nuisance. So I was pleasantly surprised that he viewed his horses as a source of pleasure.

From previous trips to El Salvador, I have noticed their horses here and have had questions about their care and how it would be different from how I care for mine at home. I was able to ask him some of the questions I had been curious about. He was interested in what our hobbies were as well and asked each of us to share ours.

It was nice to see this couple not just surviving but enjoying some pleasures in life.We haven't seen much of that in the past, I don't know if that is just something unique to this couple or this village or if hope is spreading and the people here are discovering some of their passions. I like to believe the later.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this story Karen! It's amazing how God brought the right person to hear his story. I'm sure he loved hearing that you love horses as much as he does!