Saturday, December 2, 2017

One Word

As we wrapped up year 9 in El Salvador, each team member was asked to think of a name of a person or a word that would best describe their trip. It's a way of capturing part of what God has been teaching us in a easy to remember way. It's also a way that you can engage our team members, by asking them to share the story behind the name or word they have chosen.

  • Tyson - Arjenes 
  • Leisha - hope
  • Scott - Rulbert 
  • Pat - Community
  • Silas - Hugo 
  • Christine - uncomfortable
  • Quinn - devotion
  • Karen - similarity 
  • Brittany - Gustavo 
  • Amanda - determination 
  • Deve - hospitality 
  • Albert - Pablito 
  • Theresa  - Gireli

Ask us about these names or words.
Thanks for your continued prayer, not just for us, but for the community of San Jacinto and the ten families that God has used to impact our lives. May God Bless your destiny. 

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