Thursday, November 29, 2018

Why Come Here?

This year we are the first team to build in these new villages ( which I have yet to get the names for). We were told the children had never seen white people before. It was interesting to feel and see the apprehension and excitement turn into comfortable conversations and camaraderie. I still love coming here and have been pondering why because there are many uncomfortable aspects to this trip. But I love being a small part of a bigger story and watching that story develop first hand. I really like building things and working with people. I am not a great conversationalist so the language barrier in some respects takes the pressure off and I can just work alongside them and observe the different personalities and cultural differences. 

I love seeing the familiar faces of the shelter team and seeing them develop a growing confidence in their positions. In some cases watching their roles expand. I love watching my kids here and experience the trip through their eyes. I love meeting the families in the villages and getting to know them. I love seeing the kids in the different communities and seeing the universal similarities. The shy kid, the boisterous kid, the incredibly cute troublemaker, the leader , the followers.... No matter how different we appear culturally, we all bleed red (and need a nurse😊) I love getting away from the familiarity of my life and letting myself be shaped and moulded. Sometimes not in the moment though. I love getting away from my busyness and focusing on God and his work completely. I love riding in the back of the truck observing a 360 degree view of this beautiful country. I truly love being in the sun! Some of these thoughts got me through my many trips to the bano this year and the extremely itchy ant bites...and the week is only just half over.



  1. I love your thoughts, Kare...and you, friend! So proud of you guys. ❤️

  2. Love this perspective Karen! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I appreciate your message, Karen. Thanks for sharing.