Saturday, December 1, 2018


Did we mention that one of the benefits of spending a week 24/7 together, is laughter? There has been a lot of it. 
Last night at dinner we asked everyone to write down the answer to the following question (It can be a great place to start engaging us in conversation when we get back home): 

The funniest thing I did/saw this week? (names are not provided to conceal the identity of those involved :) )

  • During an interview I received a double middle finger from a young boy as he slide behind view from his father
  • Hearing that Quinn was in the washroom for 20 mins with no toilet paper and the locals laughed at him for waving toilet paper under the stall asking for some. No one from our team realized till we were about to leave. 
  • When we were walking through the market there was a guy who was walking behind us and pretending that he was a motorcycle while he passed us making loud honking sounds
  • When Omar was driving through a windy road and a chicken ran across the road. I yelled, Don’t hit the chicken!!. As we looked back there was no squished chicken. Omar said phew and wiped his forehead then went fast the next time he saw a chicken in the middle of the road. I said to not hit the chicken a lot while driving with him......he said “oops just saved $3”...
  • Matt and Ben applying sunscreen...this a story that needs to be told, acted out and made into a short movie.
  • I peed in the outhouse and it came out of a tube at Karen’s feet outside. 
  • Or maybe the dog peeing on Pats backpack. 
  • Wearing a goofy hat while a large room of people sang happy birthday in Spanish 

  • The failed fist bump high five between Pat and Brittany.

  • Kayli injuring herself on the rainbow loom (she got sliced)
  • Set my alarm at the wrong time, got in the shower in the middle of the night, woke up roommates

             Everyone is going to think the above alarm-time mistake is mine!It wasn’t me!

             I change mine to the above conversation 

  • Stuart saying the chicken salad sandwiches “should” be okay...They were not.

            Now that we have mostly recovered the above is now funny......maybe funny

           Nope, still not funny....

            ....if it’s not funny then why was everyone laughing when my insides exploded for the first time in ten years...

           Yup that’s funny
  • Jason’s funny hat

  • A child pooping at the side of a house and a chicken gobbling it up after

  • Teammates laughing at me for being overprotective of my body from ultraviolet light rays

Honourable mentions:

  • Shailah almost getting pulled in for not knowing what was in her luggage that wasn’t actually her luggage...customs guy: “what’s in the suitcase?”...Shailah “uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....”

  • Matt’s bird sound recording playing while anyone was in the bano 

  • We check all the channels on the tv to see if there is anything to watch...when we get to the end we just turned the tv off. This is a reoccurring thing every night. 

  • Matt: “Ben, look at all the fluorescent lights along the road!!!”

            Ben:  “I....don’”

  • When Tyson found out about the blog

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