Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Walk in the Clouds

There is so much I'd like to share, but I'm just not sure where to begin or what should be said at this point. There's a video that I'm hoping you'll get to see. Golan took it from the back of our "cattle truck" ride into the worksite this morning.  The air was cool, the sun was shining as we made our way, carefully up and down the steep twisting rocky road to our work site. On the left side of our truck is the mountainside, with trees and bushes that necessitate the need to, from time to time, duck our heads down.  On the right side is one of the most breathtaking views I have ever seen. The mountain range between the El Salvador and Honduras border is a spectacular sight at the end of the rainy season. Everything is various shades of deep green. Yes, it's true that for the most part it is a 1.5 lane road that drops off dramatically, steeply, to our right. However, today on our ride in, the valley below us and the other valleys for as far as we could see were filled with clouds. Only the peaks of the mountain range were above the clouds. Awe-inspiring, majestic and humbled are all words that come to mind when we consider our Creator God who gave this unique glimpse of his handiwork...I love Him more!

On a completely different note, one of my favourite El Salvador moments ever happened as we were working on one of the houses. Our friends Basilio, Noe, Miguel, Roberto and Freddie drove up from San Felipe to meet us and to lead us in the building. It was an exciting way to start the day. At one point in the day, Noe and I  were trying to yell instructions to each other across the worksite. Earlier we had decided that he was going to teach me some more spanish and I was going to teach him some more english. Which works well as long as we're side by side.  At this one point we were separate and were trying to communicate with each other. He starts shouting out his instructions in english and I start questioning him in spanish. Neither of us could understand the other. I'm not sure what that says about our own individual capacity to handle our respective first languages, but it made for a very funny and memorable moment for both of us. We realized then how our relationship has developed over these four years, how easy it is to work with each other, and how much we enjoy the time we have together.

Another friendship that reminds me of the unique privilege the Lord has given to our church family over the years to connect with people who love Jesus and are willing to sacrificially and joyfully serve His purposes so that others may enjoy the New Life in Christ that we so treasure!


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  1. Hey Deve,
    Did you know that is a movie title? Just think what heaven must be like if this world is so beautiful!