Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Well, another day is behind us and it has been a very full one again.  Up early, (perhaps all of us not quite awake) to breakfast and then back on the truck to go to the job site.  The ride there is not quite as scary as the first time,  and the fact that I am now driving in the cab with Basillio and his crew makes it even easier.

I can't believe how shy the children are here.  Our interpreter Walter, mentioned that it is because the children are not used to any love or attention being shown to them in their own homes!!  How sad is that!!  Joan has been amazing with the kids.   Sitting and colouring with them, drawing pictures for them, and just drawing them out of their shells.  They are starting to smile and are not quite as anxious to approach us now.  Besides, the little gifts that we are giving to them are certainly helping as well.  It is amazing how quickly a small gathering grows when "Canada" bracelets are being given away!!

I have not done a lot as far as helping to build the homes.  There are men and woman who are much better at that sort of stuff than I am.  BUT I have enjoyed just watching the local people interact with our team and today just having fun with the kids.

I am just amazed at how much the people here can get accomplished with the little that they have.  The "laser thingie" went missing and the crew managed to get the house level using a hose with water in it.  PLEASE don't ask me how they did that, but it worked.  I watched the men mix cement by hand and improvising by making a trowel out of wood.  I watched the ladies cooking outside in their "kitchens" and am amazed!!  I see the women hang clothes on the bushes to dry after they have washed them by hand. I am so spoiled with my washing machine and dishwasher!!

I have been stretched beyond belief!!!  Hiking is not one of my strong points, but I have done my fair share of that this week.  Driving on roads that are barely wide enough for one vehicle and then being passed by a big truck have made even my short hair stand on end.  But I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God has BIG plans for the people of El Salvador, and I am very thankful to Him for allowing me to be a very, very small part of it.

Off to bed.


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  1. Hi Massah Matthew ! Is how yu do ?
    Tonight we have been promised more rain. Yeterday we had a good visit from David & Lisa.
    Mum did a fabulous roast chicken meal. I did thye Rice& Peas & Plantain.Then they left for Toronto and heading for New York for a few days there. Plans to take in some shows and hope to get on the Letterman sTV show.
    Tonight the new ownner of our condo came for a brief visit had tea (Red Rose ) & Pumpkin pie.
    I don't particularly like that pie. Much prefer apple pie.
    I am just starting to learn how to use this "BLOGGING" style of contact.Iuast hope you get mine.
    What is the material or features you use in the construction of gthe shelters being built for those families ?? It is astonishing to me that you write to say so many have been completed for occupancy. What material is used for thr roofing ? Is there any arrangement for some style of plumbing? or lighting.
    Would solar energy have any applicATION ?
    mY AMAZED BUT SINCERE CONGRATULATIONS . My prayers for you all for continued good health despite the mud.
    Glad to tead the environment has been providing you with a sense of joy. God is GREAT. HIS wnders are so awesome.
    May you continue to erxcperience all the Joy of succes in the work.
    Todayi had my CAT SCASN. The reults atre encouraging. the Doc. also showed me the actual pictures of my aotrgta and the stint. Quite totally amazing how our bodies are constructed...
    All my Prayers for your groups sfaety and Safe return
    With LOVE, Dad