Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday morning arrives.........roosters crowing....4:30 town alarm (someone banging a pot)............ 5:15 bus to take people into the city arrives ......... 5:20 the clown horn goes all around town selling bread.  A new a different way to wake up....... but you can still see the mountain.  If you go up to the second floor or down to the end of the street there it is, standing beautifully.  This morning it is in the clouds.

The country side it beautiful.  This morning I watched people walk up the street.  They walk up doing switch backs (they also drive the truck up the hills like that).  That will tell you how steep the hills are.

God has created such a beautiful country.  Keep praying God will build relationships and help us to show His love to the people here.



  1. Love reading all these posts! Sounds so very beautiful where you are. Hope the rain stays away today! Praying for you all and the people there. Such a blessing to read about all that is happening. -T

  2. ditto. love all the news! our bunch is praying. S.

  3. our bunch too!!! Keep blogging...we're hanging on every word! :)