Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Candy Man

The crowd that forms when you bring out a handful (or more like 65 handfuls) of colourful elastic bands is amazing! It looks something like this...mostly barefoot, dirty little hands with sneaky little grins and giant big brown eyes and with lips that move a mile a minute for the shear excitement of making an elastic band bracelet, chaotic but oh so fun! The houses were going up so quickly that it made for lots of time to play with the kids.  No surprises, that's where I like to be the best.  I only had to teach a handful of kids before they were turning around to teach each other. I watched them huddled, big kids helping little kids, everyone being sure they all had enough to make one or two or three....bracelets.
If I could have frozen one moment for a little longer today it would be that of the guy we call the candy man. He does have a real name, but we call him the candy man because he sells candy to make money to provide for his little family. He is only about 24 years old with a wife and two small children and had a home built by the team. Today he scooped up his small son and asked for a picture to be taken...not a posed picture, but a picture of him tickling his son and hugging him with the deepest love and affection. He was so full of joy that it filled me up as well.


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  1. I can picture it so completely! Praying for you :)