Thursday, December 5, 2013

Not about the Houses or the Gloves

When I first arrived in San Vacinte. I was all about building houses. However, as the week went on I started to realize that God had a bigger purpose for me being here then just the houses. This became evident each day we built and hung out with the villagers we were building for and the community we were in.

Yesterday as we finished the last 2 houses I gave my Gloves to a young man named Gordo. I had to use or translator Gustavo to explain to him that I was very proud of his work ethic. I told him that God had a plan for his life. When I was talking to him I realized that it this was very much a God moment.

 Its not to often that I get a God moment. However, That wasn't the only God Moment I had. Yesterday as I stood up to  give my testimony I thought I was prepared to speak. I mean everything was written down even Deve read it. Turns out that was written down didn't come out of my mouth. Truly a God thing.

 At church after Deve, Albert, and I spoke Pastor Oscar got up and sang. It didn't matter that our team couldn't understand what they were singing. However, God was moving. The singing went on for a few minutes then we started to pray. Pastor Oscars church came over to us and each team member had someone from the church praying beside us with their hands on us. I could feel that God was moving. I can't speak for our team but WOW. 

This brings me to my title It's Not About the Houses or The Gloves. It's about the relationship we have created and way God has used each one of us as a tool for his works and Glory.



  1. Wow and amazing...pretty much all I can say. God is awesome.

  2. Hey buddy, now when I call you a tool you can just smile and say "Yep, God confirmed it". :)

    Sounds like an amazing week. See ya in a few days! Nice work!