Thursday, December 5, 2013


Hi everyone in good ole Sarnia--and elsewhere!

This is my first blog ever, so forgive me if I break any blogging etiquette.

It's hard to believe that we have only been here a few days-with all that we have done, all the great people that we have met and more importantly, all that God has been accomplishing in the local peoples' lives, as well as in our own.  --It's equally hard to believe that in a few days we will be back to the frigid north and plugging into preparations for Christmas.

But back to the present.  Today we visited some of the families who had received houses from 2-5 years ago.  It was great to see how the families were getting along--and in a case or two, that the structures were still standing and functional  (apparently due to special circumstances, there was some doubt).  Not only was all well. but the families were delighted to see the returning team members and happy to met the rest of us.  There are some great stories about how well they are doing etc, that we will tell you about when we get home. 

Then this aft, we went to a nursing home, where visitors are rare and shared a few hours with them.  Again, it was neat to attempt to follow Jesus' command to be His hands and feet.

Well, apparently, I'm hogging the computer, so I'll close for now.  Thanks to everyone who is praying and who supported and are supporting us in so many ways.  --God bless, Heathr  

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