Thursday, December 5, 2013

Unexpected Surprises

Isn't it just like God to give us a big surprise when we least expect it? I knew we were going to tour around and see a few of the families we had built homes for in previous years. I was a little sceptical  of what our reception might be like at our very first house, from our very first trip here five years ago. Boy did we mess that house up. We were such rookies! But today, we were welcomed back by the now 15 year old daughter of the family with open arms and a fond rememberance.

And then we travelled to a spot we built in during the crazy rains of two years ago.  Again, we were welcomed with huge smiles, hugs and tears.  One dear lady saw us pulling up and recognized us (yes, little ol' us) right away. These friends had many stories of how our little houses and the church that sent the people to build them have been transformational in their families' lives.

I guess I had always thought that the families might remember that some people came from Canada and built them a house. I would never have imagined that they would remember us as people, as their friends. What a sweet surprise!


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