Saturday, January 7, 2017


You (the reading audience) may be thinking "waterfalls? in El Salvador?" if so then yes there were indeed some "waterfalls" here in El Salvador today. These "waterfalls" are the kind you can feel running down your cheeks as we said goodbye to our translators, driver and lunch provider. These people were part of my first experience in El Salvador and our trip would not be possible without them so it would be an understatement to call them team members, drivers, translators or even friends because they are much more than that to me. They are part of our family. So as we said goodbye today I tried to hold myself together as long as I could and as I expected I couldn't get the tears to stop rolling down my face long enough to get out a sentence, hence the title "Waterfalls". I was sad to say goodbye but I believe I will see these amazing people again someday and if not I know for a fact I will see them in heaven.  - Quinn "McAwesomeness" Jennings.


  1. Love your honest perspective Quinn! Glad you felt that connection deeply. So happy and thankful you could experience this week, praying it shapes your super bright, wide open, full of potential, crazy exciting future!!

  2. Ditto to Shana's post :)