Saturday, January 7, 2017

We're always learning

taking a group of high school students as part of our global mission team promised to be fun and it certainly has been. There are so many moments that we wish we could share through this blog. Having had the chance to speak with each of the students, listen to their words and watch them interact I can say that there are few experiences that have been more rewarding than this. They have given up, sacrificed a week of precious vacation from school, contributed their own money and worked hard as part of this team. They though they were taking a break from learning but the learning never stops. Here's some things we've learned that you can ask the students about:

History - the civil war of El Salvador
Geography/Fitness - climbing to 7,000 ft. to the top of volcano
Foods - listening to the story of Carmen, our cook
Shop Class - learning about house construction from Basilio
Spanish - duh, everywhere, everyday
Home Ec - visit to the sewing centre
Social Studies - learning about poverty in ES
Family studies - what happens when a husband and wife remain faithful to each other and involved in their children's lives
Theology - how is God at work in people's lives

Doesn't sound like much of a break from learning? Shhh...don't tell them...but ask them...because they all have had one of the best experiences of their lives.

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